Franklin Po

Chairman & Design Director, Tierra Design (S) Pte Ltd

A registered architect, both in Singapore and in California, he has been in practice since 1973 and has extensive expertise in the design, planning and construction of an extensive range of building typologies. This expertise extends to landscape architecture as well, being the founder of Tierra Design established in 1993, a leading and well-respected landscape architecture and ID firm PODesign in 2018 to form Tierra Design Studio.


Franklin is intensely committed to advancing the standards and quality of life in Asia through good design. Tierra’s continual success and prominence in the industry stems from Franklin’s unwavering belief that there are no barriers between landscape and architecture; successful projects are the culmination of the persistent and thoughtful blending of architecture with flora and fauna. A recipient of the prestigious President Design Award in 2015, his perceptive designs has transformed the way landscape and architecture is perceived by clients from all over Southeast Asia and Mainland China.