Chris Lockwood

National CEO for MATES in Construction, Mining and Energy

For the last 10+ years Chris has led initiatives to reduce the incidence of suicide and poor mental health through workplace based initiatives. As the National CEO for MATES in Construction, Mining & Energy, Chris works to affect change everyday in our workplaces.


MATES are a leading evidence based in suicide prevention suicide prevention program delivered through the workplace and across industry in Australia. Having delivered face to face programs to over 160,000 workers, MATES improves the mental health of all of us at work through trusted workplace development programs, on site workshops, individual case management and helpline services.


Leading MATES in Construction Nationally, Chris has seen structured expansion and growth of the program, where MATES now has programs on the ground supported by industry in Construction, Mining & Energy, and new initiatives to expand the MATES program to the Rail industry and into New Zealand currently underway.


Chris is also a director of Suicide Preventions Australia and a director of 9 years with the NGO “Permanent Care and Adoptive Families”, with 7 of those years as Chair.